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We are a conceptual 3D modelling / illustration / design and animation company based in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) providing a world wide engineering service.

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Two One produce to the highest corporate levels .  .

.  .  3D animated illustrations, models, full colour brochures, electronic media solutions and all manner of artwork and literature.

We project manage all kinds of exhibition/signage work along side computer/video presentations, multimedia design, specialised gifts and we are fully conversant with our customers requirement for cost effective photography, printing and point of sale products.

Traditional skills and the latest computer design technology are combined to produce the final product.  All work will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be delivered on time.

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Two One was established in 2000 and is built on a background of heavy electrical engineering, with a national and world wide distribution to blue chip clients. In these early years the end product was generally manually created artwork, produced on drawing boards.  These time consuming methods demanded an extensive knowledge of the product and hence required a precisely planned and proficient work flow.

This established methodology provided the foundation to develop our computer based systems that are now the mainstay of our current graphical supply. We have an extensive and secure server based VPN, inter-linking all work stations directly to our 3D render farms.  Design proofs are efficiently sent directly to the client for approval, as are the final products.

Two One are constantly exploring new avenues to improve our clients profile. We temper this with the experience and knowledge we have gained over the years to advance the product, and company, to a brighter future. 

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Two One and associates have a strong culture that is built around our core values.  These golden threads connect a framework of congruence addressing:

     • integrity and honesty
     • attitude of commitment
     • freedom of expression
     • community of knowledge

These espoused core values have provided a bond that is understood and visible to all.  They help guide myself and my team through unclear decision making and provide a focused clarity.  This instils a trust that our staff and stakeholders can share, being assured that we will always act appropriately every time.

Our work based effectiveness is focused.  Driven by product awareness and being regulated by a high moral code.  At all times abiding by the DPA and GDPR and employing open door and community of practice policies.  Utilising adaptive techniques and encouraging responsibility delivers results that fall within our corporate guidelines for both myself, the workforce and associates.  We are committed to promoting equality and diversity of opportunity for all, whilst following current government safeguarding and prevent guidelines.

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'A picture paints a thousand words' - this is only advantageous if they are the intended words.

Before any modelling / illustration can commence a detailed client brief needs to be agreed, alongside a budget and a time frame for completion.

Here at Two One we endeavour to get our clients to ask us the correct questions. To solve a problem there are many technical avenues available however only one leads in the correct direction.

. . we build the solution together with the appropriate tools at hand.

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Once the models have been built animation is the second phase of a project.

We can animate the components, the environment and the camera movements. This is the key to maximising the models capabilities.

This is accomplish by means of our in-house render farms, thus reducing overall times and hence costs.

Follow this link to view some samples on our YouTube page

Six Interactive 3D Links

1  -  2  -  3  -  4  -  5  -  6

Shift/mouse: PAN, Control/mouse: ZOOM, Alt/mouse: LIGHTS

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A speciality - we project manage exhibition and signage/graphic contracts, on a world-wide basis.

From the initial design concepts - to artwork and manufacture - pre assembly - transport to site - site erection - take down - package/palletise and return.

This service can encompass full video animations that can be utilised in future sales drives. 

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Two One have in-house facilities for various client services. This is mainly for products and studio sets.

. . with the added availability of an extensive nationwide and international on-site service.

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With the constant development of digital technology the requirement for the traditional litho printed material has decreased. However this has introduced other levels of graphical presentation.

To satisfy these new demands design and artwork still needs to be produced at a professional level but now can be outputted in new and innovative forms.

Therefore at Two One we blend the old school methods with the best of the new, thus delivering cutting edge solutions for our clients. 

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Two One
Ouseburn Building (i-4)
Albion Row
Newcastle upon Tyne

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9:00 - 17:00

Green Policy


Two One endeavours to use only highly developed, environmentally friendly products and approved suppliers. We have redefined our work based activities to protect the planet, our clients, associates, and their surroundings.

This is important for the environment because our final products and delivery result in zero carbon emissions.  We dispose of our waste in a government regulated manner, following The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011, making Two One a very responsible company.

For more information and advice contact us by e-mail or call 0191 2763022 (limited to office hours / answerphone) 07989 266983.


At Two One we are always keen to hear from our customers. Your feed-back is important to help us improve the service we offer.

If you would like to email us your comments simply click here.

"We engage with Two One when we require a hands-on practical approach to our office refurbishments and exhibition/animation needs. They provide high level 3D design concepts, supported by a professional project managed service that is delivered on time"
Dr Nick Mapletoft, Principal, University Centre Quayside.

"Two One is my go to company for all our 3D conceptual design and animation needs"
Alan Poskitt, Kite Communications.

"We have worked with Two One on various 3D projects over many years and will continue to do so, as they deliver a highly professional, individual and innovative service"
Derek Heron, Bespoke Signs.

"Two One have delivered all of our conceptual 3D animated design projects and are continuing to supply our current and future needs"
Shane Newman, Managing Director, Orcalight.

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